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In order to make it possible for you to discover Budapest we created a wide range of tickets available for you. 

Depending on your plans you can choose from the following ticket options:

+     +


Red line
2 boat tickets
Valid for 48 hours
Bonus booklet*

+     +


Red line
2 boat tickets
Valid for 72 hours
Night tour on Green Line**
Bonus booklet*

*Bonus booklet

The best offers (20-60% discounts) restaurants, cafés and confectioneries excursions and specialities, museums and other sights.

40 Bonuses!
FREE ENTRY to Selfie World Budapest
FREE Shot at FOGASHÁZ (ruin bar)
FREE Beer at Bali Cafet
FREE Shot at INSTANT (ruin bar)
and many more...


Night tour available from 1st June 2022

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